French manicure at home – easy step by step guide

French manicure at home – easy step by step guide

Various beauty trends and styles come and go, but one thing is certain – the French manicure will never get out of fashion. Besides the fact that nails look perfectly neat, in this way they act visually longer. And while the French manicure used to be reserved for the beauty salon, it’s good news that you do not have to spend a fortune for this kind of nails. Even better, you can have perfect nails with only a few dollars of investment and half an hour of your time! Here I am presenting to you how to achieve the perfect French manicure at home in 11 simple steps!

1. Provide spa treatment to your nails

The first and basic step in French manicure is to have clean and nourished nails. Sometimes this is impossible considering today’s way of life. The list of factors that damage our nails is long: water, detergents, poor diet, season change, hormonal imbalance, stress. Fortunately, there is a way to provide your nails with the necessary care. The classic manicure is the base of every manicure so the French one as well.

Before you start doing a manicure, remove the nail polish and put your hands in lukewarm water into which you added an anti-bacterial soap and essentials oils. In this way, you will soften the skin and make the manicure long-lasting.

Anti-bacterial handwash will remove the germs to which our nails are often disposed and oils will nourish the nails and boost their growth. Soak your nails for about 5 minutes then remove the water thoroughly with the soft towel.

french manicure
1. Soak your nails in the lukewarm water

Remove the cuticles and shape the nails

It’s really important not to cut your cuticles with scissors because you might cause bleeding and infections. In fact, if you cut it they will grow more and be thicker. Instead, gently push the cuticles using a special wooden stick. Further, try not to cut your nails with scissors. Use a nail filer to create your favorite shape. In my opinion, french manicure looks the most elegant on the squoval shape.

The next thing you need to do is to remove the dead cells from the nails surface. You can do that by massaging your hands with scrub. Scrub will remove all remaining dead cells, accelerate blood circulation which will also speed up nails growth. I like to use Frosted berries and sugar scrub from “Body Shop” because it’s very gentle and my hands are very soft afterward! Smells perfect, too! You can use any scrub of your choice just make sure that it’s not too aggressive on your hand skin and nails.

french manicure
5. Massage your nails with the scrub

Importance of the base coat in French manicure

After removing the nail polish and filing them so that they all are even, you need to ensure that your nail plate is sufficiently firm so that the manicure lasts longer. In this, you can use some transparent nail polish that will prepare your nails in the right way and perfectly fit every manicure. Apply on your nails nail polish in a neutral color to cover any imperfections on them.

Although many ladies do not pay enough attention to this step, the neutral color of the polish is an indispensable part of the french manicure. The quality of the polish you will influence the lasting of your “french nails”.

As a base coat, I like to use the Eveline “8 in 1” Intensive nail conditioner. If you have brittle nails, prone to breaking, that grow slowly you absolutely need to have this product. I have the most beautiful nails right now thanks to this nail treatment. You absolutely need to check it out!

french manicure
6. Apply the nail conditioner

White nails are impassable

Paint the tips of your nails by using white nail polish. If you are not skilled to draw a simple white line I advise you to take advantage of stickers. In fact, even an ordinary sticky tape will help you to mark the lines for the nail polish.

Another way is to apply the white polish on the top of the nails and remove excess with a flat brush dipped in a nail polish remover. To ensure this most critical part of the French manicure prevents from peeling, opt for a classical white primer of ideal density. It’s really important to leave nails to dry completely so sustain of doing anything at that time.

Last layer for salon effect

What distinguishes your french manicure from the salon one is definitely a perfect finish that will give you a flash of brilliance and a breath-taking effect. For a full salon look, apply nail polish in milky white or creamy color. This will make your nails look natural and elegant. “Pretty” nail polish by Flormar in a creamy nuance provides the enhanced look of the nails.

It’s also very easy to apply thanks to the precise brush that applies the ideal amount of polish in a single sweep. The last and final step is to put some quality and nutritious hand cream and provide some message to your hands and nails. And voila – you have beautiful french nails and you didn’t even go to the salon!

A balanced diet for fast nail growth

To quickly grow your nails, you need to strengthen them. A healthy diet is the most important factor in having beautiful nails. Select a menu rich in fruits and vegetables and a lot of water. Unhealthy diets, lack of proteins and cold know negatively affect the quality and strength of nails.

It is important to put in the body a sufficient amount of protein and minerals that build nails. These are iron, sulfur, zinc, as well as essential fatty acids. Of course, calcium intake is also obligatory and unavoidable. A good way of taking lots of vitamins and calcium is having daily smoothies. Some ideas you can find here.

Garlic Nail Conditioner

Garlic an excellent natural remedy for faster growth of the nail. Do not bother much because of its odor as it quickly evaporates. Here’s the recipe: All you need is to chop garlic and then place it in used transparent nail polish. You need to leave the garlic to stay for about 48 hours. I recommend that you apply this regenerator every second day to strengthen the nails. It is not necessary to remove the layers until the fifth coat.

Another way is to squash some garlic and apply it on your nails. Hold for about half an hour and then wash your hands. To neutralize the scent, squeeze some lemon and rub it on your hands. In a very short time about 3 weeks, you will not be able to recognize your nails. They will be strong and no longer brittle. If you have some tips&tricks how you keep your long nails, feel free to share here!

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