Homemade acne treatment, step-by-step guide!

Homemade acne treatment, step-by-step guide!

First, there was a small red spot. It grew over the night and then another one appeared next to her. Then more and more pimples appeared and now you do not know how to get rid of them! Sounds familiar, right? We all had a face breakout at least once in a life. Acne is the biggest problem in puberty when the glands are producing hormones that make our body “get wild”. But even at a later age, acne is not a rare occurrence. Sometimes trigger of “attack” is irregular face cleaning, increased stress level, unbalanced diet or some other reason that can cause clogged pores, oily skin, uneven ten and lifeless skin.

If you have acne all over your face i strongly recommend visiting a dermatologist, because it might be caused by hormone disbalance and skin care you used to might make the situation worst. The most common problem is sebum in the T-zone (beard, forehead, nose) and on the back.

But, what to do if you have an acne problem? Now you end up staring at the “monster” – the pimple that stands on the top of your nose and you feel desperate. I know the struggle. In the next lines, you will find a step-by-step guide on easy and cheap homemade acne treatment. It’s based on ingredients that, i am sure, we all have at home. It is easy, affordable and with no negative effects.

Step 1: Cleaning your face.

Homemade acne treatment you should always start with cleaning your face properly. Make sure to remove any dirt, oil or makeup leftover. You can use your regular product or wet tissues, just make sure that they are for sensitive skin. I always use Garnier micellar water for makeup removal or anti-acne treatment preparation. It cleans my face easy and perfectly. Put the product on the cotton pads and gently massage your face, then wash your face with lukewarm water and gently dry it.

Step 2: Steaming.

Anti acne homemade reatment
Face steaming

Steaming is a great way to open the pores and prepare it for the next steps in acne treatment. In order to do it, you don’t need to purchase one of those steamer machines that became popular recently, because there is a cheaper way. Put the water in the bigger bowl and let it boil. When it’s done, add camomile tea bags or herbs and you can add a few drops essential oil and then cover the bowl. Put the bowl on some table that it is convenient for you to sit with your head above the bowl. Put a larger towel over your head and over the bowl so that the steam goes straight to your face. Do the steaming not less than 10 minutes after which gently remove the water from your face.

Step 3: Acne removal.

Wrap your index fingers with clean tissues and gently squeeze the root of a pimple so that sebum comes out. Do not press too hard, because you can cause bruises and scars. You should know that the wet skin is very sensitive and if you press too hard you might regret! Just be gentle and try to change the tissues frequently so that bacterias will not be spread on the other parts of your face.

Step 4: Face scrub and mask.

Anti acne homemade treatment

Next step in our homemade acne treatment is a scrub and face mask. As a scrub, you can use oat flour or corn starch and gently massage your face in circular movements. After, that wash your face and apply the face mask. I use 2in1 pilling-face mask that i make from the ingredients that i have in the kitchen. It gives the skin the tonus and makes it look younger. Just mix 2 tbsp of wheat, corn or oat flour, 2 tbsp milk and one yolk. You can add vitamins AD3 as i did here which I am sure you can buy in pharmacies. Mix all together until you get a thick mixture, like a face care cream. Apply the mask with a brush and hold for about 30 minutes. When the mask gets firm, remove it with a dry, clean cloth and rinse well with lukewarm, then cold water.

If you do not have time to prepare face mask or you are in a rush, i recommend using face masks from trusted brands, such as “1-minute” Nivea mask. It cleans clogged pores easily, detoxify the skin and it’s enough to keep it on your face for one minute (although, i prefer all products to stay longer, for even better effect).

Step 5: Closing the pores.

Rice water recipe!
Rice water

Final step in our DIY acne treatment is closing the pores. Steaming and previous steps made your face very sensitive thus we need to ensure the face is well protected from outside bacteria. The most efficient product to “close” the pores is a tonic. Tonic will calm your irritated skin due to previous steps and make it look perfect. Try to use some sooting tonic and make sure to make it cold before applying for better results. Again, you don’t need to buy expensive products. Instead, just use rice water that its very easy to prepare. Put around 50 g of rice in a bowl and pour boiled water onto it. Allow the rice to absorb the water for several hours after which cool it in the fridge. Transfer the rice water to a clean spray bottle and use it daily. It’s that easy!

I am sure we all have heard that you should not touch acne, but in my opinion, if you treat your face on the right way, you will not have any traces, scars, stains. Simple skincare routine and natural products will make it looks better without urgency to go for expensive treatments. If you have clogged pores, blackheads or acne and you can not afford a beauty saloons then you should try to do this acne homemade treatment once a week.

As you can see, homemade acne treatment can be very easy and cheap experience and, above all, it will give results. I believe in the natural products that i love to prepare by myself. Nature is one great chemical laboratory where you can find all you need for skin care. Even today’s cosmetic houses are using fruits, vegetables, plants to create products, so why we should not?

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  1. Eventhough I rarely got acne, I still very keen on making my skin clear and clean for prevention. It is hard and heals longer the blemish as we age.

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