How to style “animal print”

How to style “animal print”

Recently I’ve been pretty out of the loop when it comes to what’s what in the fashion world – I guess that’s what you get when you live in an Islamic country and you don’t have much opportunity to experiment with clothes. At least, shorts one such as t-shirts, crop tops, mini skirts. The lifestyle is quite simple, and therefore the way of styling.

Never in a million years did I think I would be advocating any animal print but here we are. Leopard print is always in fashion. It doesn’t know the season in fashion because it’s trendy all year long. It is a very powerful print and brings attention automatically, so you should be careful when choosing the material you carry. It is important that the material is always of good quality, whether it is a belt, a dress or details. It can easily slip into a “cheap” look, which is certainly something we don’t want.

  1. However, don’t let it stop you and be original! Combine a skirt in A-cut with simple lines with a T-shirt in this print and stay assured that it is a winning combination.
animal print
Shirt Bershka, Skirt H&M

2. As mentioned in my earlier post, it’s not advisable to wear short skirts in Qatar, but what to do when I love them! Besides, I’m a little bit petite size, so long dresses do not look good on me. You can even wear leopard pants with some simple T-shirts or detail. A white T-shirt is always a safe card and certainly, the animal print will not look too emphasized.

animal print
Skirt Pull&Bear, Daddy Snickers Stradivarius

3. If you opt for a leopard pint dress, you can wear an accessory in a lighter shade. I opted for a light pink bag that goes great with all the outfits. When wearing a leopard print, be careful not to get too naked or put on a lot of makeup. The animal print should still be the dominant detail on you.

animal print
1. Dress Splash, Shoes Max

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