My favourite beauty products for cool summer vibes!

My favourite beauty products for cool summer vibes!

Does everyone feel excited when the summer comes in and warm, sunny days are calling us out? Summer is everyoneโ€™s favorite time of the year with valid reasons. Everything is so beautiful, filled with brilliant, positive energy. The fragrances of the sea and sand are calling us to visit far destination and feeling of warmth that gently wraps the body is simply amazing!

There is always summer in Qatar and the weather is often much hotter than I prefer. Although there are plenty of sunny days, summer has officially started for me when I start feeling summer vibes. If you rather imagine drinking mocktails on some sandy beach rather than finishing work projects you know what I’m talking about. The spinning summer energy gets increased thanks to summer beauty products that I am presenting here.

Sun Protection and Body hydration

The most important during the summer is certainly a cream with a good Sun protection factor. In a country where the everyday temperature is 40 degrees, you need to apply a cream with a minimum SPF 30. And I mean every day even if you just go outside for 15 minutes. I like to use Dr. Reddyโ€™s suncream. On my combo skin, it works efficiently with the use of additional tools such as a hat, sunglasses and light summer clothes.

During the summer hydration both inside and outside is crucial for good skin. Nobody likes dry skin in patches, right? However, this happens when I go to the beach or pool or when I use too aggressive shower gels. Legs and hands are the most disposed to Sun so the skin tends to get dry. The solution comes in the form of body lotion. I usually choose light formulas such as a Yves Rocher Aloe Vera body lotion that I’ve already reviewed here.

I recently discovered another great skincare product – “Love and Sunshine” lotion with Ultra shea butter from Bath & Body Works. There is an old version of the same lotion with coconut and shea butter, but this one has extra shea butter as the main ingredient. Let me tell you, people – it smells perfect!

Whenever I apply it to my body, I can close my eyes and already imagine myself at a beach with coconut trees around me. Thanks to shea butter, deeply hydrate the skin without the feeling of greasiness and the smell remains for a long time. I even use it as a hand cream and the fragrance is perfect for bedtime relaxation.

Favorite Summer Beauty Products for radiant summer vibes - H&M collection.
My Summer Beauty Essentials for cool pool day

Beauty Products for an instant GLOWY look

When it comes to my summer makeup, only one adjective describes it the best – light. Does it happen to you apply foundation and your face starts to shine like a Christmas tree in 5 minutes after going outdoor? That’s why I decided to stop putting heavy products on my face. I like to just mattify t-zones using a powder. I’d rather pay more attention to improving the quality and tone of my skin face than trying to mask the impurities.

Since I started to clean my skin very detailed before I sleep, I can say that Iโ€™m on a good way of achieving the aim. I recommend you to read My Night SkinCare Routine in three easy steps and you might get some idea on how to improve your personal skincare.

When I’m at work or going out, I try to put very little makeup. A mandatory is Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara that has a special place among my beauty products because I’ve been using it for a long time.

I’d leave darker shades of lipsticks for chilly days (although that term in the Middle East does not exist) and I would rather choose light colors on my lips as well. Twinkle Pink Lipstick from Avon provides a gentle pink shade with a little shimmer in it. I have the feeling that makes my lips look plumped and it looks very beautiful on tanned skin.

When I’m at the beach, I like to apply Holographic Lipstick from H&M that is one of the beauty products that successfully hydrates the lips and gives you kind of cool look.

Favorite Summer Products for Instant Glowy look
Twinkle Pink Lipstick + Max Factor Mascara = Must Have

Highlighter, highlighter…

Who doesn’t like the glowy look on the skin? The combination of the bronzer and the highlighter is a must-have during the summer and it works perfectly in the sun-shaded skin. I tend to use highlighters more often than bronzers because it looks fresher on my light skin. I am currently obsessed with the H&M Rainbow highlighter. It’s one of my very best beauty products firstly because of the cute packaging, and then because the product is a very light texture. This makes it an ideal product for the summer.

Favorite Swimwear

In the Middle East, Arabic women aren’t allowed to wear bikinis. In fact, their swimming suits are made to cover the whole body the same as daily clothes. For me, as to a person who LOVES the Sun this seems a punishment!

I must admit, wearing bikinis on the open beaches can be uncomfortable even for a non-Arabic woman because you know that most of your body is on display. In private pools and in hotels, it is a different story and you can wear what you like. Of course within the sense of modesty. Thus, for a perfect day next to the pool, I like to wear bikinis from their newest H&M swimwear collection.

beauty products
Summer essentials

My picks this summer are in bright orange and dark red colors. I love everything from the collection of costumes because they are very beautiful, and made of quality materials. I like the first because it brings the summer mood and the other is more elegant. It looks very nice on darker skin. An ultimate summer must-have is sunglasses from the same collection, an inevitable book or magazine and, of course, my Sony camera. It’s not one of the beauty products, but it serves to capture all the summer moods.

Cute nails

The trend of white nails is still ongoing and for me is an instant way to achieve a trendy look. The colors of white nail polish vary from milky white to lime white. A good alternative for white is the gentler shade of the same which will act unobtrusively. For gentle shades, it is necessary to apply several layers. If you opt for this shade of light during this summer, be sure you will not make a mistake!

Perfect Summer Fragrance

I personally donโ€™t like to use strong perfumes during the summer because they are to “heavy” for my taste. I’d rather choose body mist! And there are millions of choices out there. Their freshness and aroma last longer if you spray it after a shower and applying body lotion. My last favorite beauty product for this summer Frangipani Body Mist. It serves to easily refresh and lightly scent the skin with a refined blend of creamy tuberose, tropical frangipani, and a hint of vanilla. I don’t need anything else for a perfect summer day! What is your favorite beauty product this summer?

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