Peanut butter protein balls that will satisfy your cravings!

Peanut butter protein balls that will satisfy your cravings!

You crave something sweet but you don’t want to spoil your diet? The solution is peanut butter protein balls! This healthy treat is easy and quick to prepare and perfect for vegans, as well! You don’t have to think about the calories, the amount of sugar, the unhealthy fats, etc. This treat will provide your body with a good amount of proteins, essential fatty acids, healthy sugar, and other essential nutrients for the body. I have prepared ultra-delicious recipes in the following lines. The main ingredient is peanut butter or peanuts but the rest of the ingredients can be modified as desired.

Note: If your boyfriend goes to the gym and loves sweets, be ready to make these peanut butter protein balls every day!

Peanut butter protein balls with sesame

Ingredients Required:

2 ripe bananas,

2 tbsp of peanut butter,

30 g of peanuts,

50 g of oatmeal,

30 g of sesame,

Whey” protein powder (optional),

1 cup of unsweetened soya milk,

2 tsp of honey.

Firstly, you have to crumble all the hard ingredients, such as peanuts, which you can do in the mill or by chopping into small pieces.

If you do not have oatmeal flour in your kitchen, mill the rolled oats. There will be no difference. Oats will be the main requirement for a smooth and thick paste.

peanut butter protein balls

Although you can mix all the ingredients manually, I prefer to use the blender. Put bananas, soya milk, peanut butter, protein powder, and honey into your blender. Blend well until you get a consistent paste. Transfer the paste into a deeper bowl and add sesame, peanuts, and oatmeal. Add the oatmeal gradually until you have a medium-firm mixture. Remember, oats will swell so don’t put too much! Leave the mix in the fridge to chill for about 15-20 minutes. Shape small balls with your hands then roll them into sesame and serve. Enjoy!

Peanut butter protein balls with dates

For the two next peanut butter protein balls recipes, I was inspired by two ingredients that are very popular in the Middle East: dates and cardamon. Dates are very nutritious, high in fiber and an excellent sweetener! Although you have to be careful how much you put in because the dry dates are high in calories!

Cardamon is a very popular spice in sweets and a coffee supplement. It is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, and a very good source of fiber, iron, and manganese.

healthy recipes


5 dried dates or 2 tbsp date paste

1 banana,

1 cup of coconut milk,

30 g of peanuts or 2 tbsp of peanut butter,

1 cup oat flour (you can combine oat flour and the whole oats for a nicer look),

1 scoop protein powder with vanilla flavor.

The method of preparation is similar to the previous recipe.
Soak the dates in warm water and remove the seeds. Of course, you can use dates paste to make the process easier. Mix banana, dates and peanut butter with coconut milk into the blender. The milk you will use depends on your wish and it’s not required to be coconut. Transfer the mixture to another bowl and add the oatmeal and protein powder. Shape the balls and allow them to cool for about 15-20 min. Enjoy!

peanut butter protein balls

Protein balls with almonds and cardamon

The following recipe requires:

1-2 cups of almond milk,

2 tbsp peanut butter,

30 g chopped almonds,

one cup of crunchie muesli with dried fruit,

a small scoop of protein powder,

1 tbsp of honey,

1 tsp of cardamom which will give a nice ocher color.

Combine all dry ingredients into a bowl and add almond milk as needed to get a nice paste. From the mixture using your palms shape balls and decorate them with the rest of the almonds. Allow to chill and serve!


Note: the use of whey protein is optional, and skipping it does not change the taste but only reduces the protein ratio. Enough protein is already in milk, peanut butter, seeds, and bananas so you don’t have to worry.

If you are tired of searching for dietary and healthy sweets in the stores and you like to keep an eye on the calorie value, then preparing good amount of these peanut butter protein balls might be a good choice. Another option is Granola bars with no sugar recipes which I posted before. This will be the best way to have your “sweet” urge satisfied without having to think about various additives, preservatives, excess and unhealthy fats that are hidden in processed sweets. Let me know if you have some healthy ideas!

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