Skincare advice: the best remedies for tired skin awakening!

Skincare advice: the best remedies for tired skin awakening!

Halo, girls! How are you these days? I hope you are enjoying the summer vibes and having a good time! Here in Qatar, the summer took a big step and everyone looks to hide from regular 45 degrees! Of course, face cream with a high protective factor is my ally in the skincare routine and the first anti-wrinkle shield. Unfortunately, these days i try to find the best ways to refresh the skin since it looks tired, pale and without tone.

In my fight against skin tiredness, I’ve found several ways to rejuvenate the skin even at plus 4o degrees outside! In the following lines, you can read all about my discoveries in recovering tired skin and you also might find some idea to upgrade your skincare.

Face tonic is an important step in your daily skincare routine

Many consider that the entire skincare is reduced to cleansing the skin and its hydration. I know many women who are skipping the tonic because they think it is sufficient in their skincare routine. However, they are wrong!

The tonic serves to collect residual impurities on the face after washing (although it does not serve primarily for cleaning). It helps to collect the pores and restore the pH of the skin that is damaged by washing. It also creates a moist substrate for even better absorption of face creams.

If you have oily skin, avoid tonic with alcohol, because it will dry the skin, causing extra oil production. Btw, if you have acne problem you might wanna check my post: Homemade acne treatment – step by step guide and find an easy and cheap way to remove acne.

D.I.Y face tonic

It wouldn’t be me if I don’t look for salvation for every problem in nature. I know that people don’t believe in natural products thinking that is too cheap to be effective, but on these believes I can only laugh…

This DIY face tonic for fresher skin is an amazing solution in preventing acne and minimizing large pores. If you use it regularly u will see that your face looks brighter and more alive. Below quantities are a measure you will use to make a very healing fluid for refreshing the skin.


1 cucumber,

1 carrot,

1/2 lemon,

1 tbsp of rosewater and

50 ml of mineral water.

Render the washed vegetables in a large bowl and leave a few hours to let the natural juice come out. After that, drain the juice and mix with mineral water, add a few drops of lemon and a tbsp of rosewater. Transfer the juice into a clean bottle and keep in the refrigerator. Use every day on cotton pads and before applying the face cream.

Face tonic with cucumber and carrot

Why is this face tonic good?

Cucumber hydrates the skin, without any additional ointment. It is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as minerals. It cools and refreshes tired skin. Carrot is abundant with provitamin A, vitamins B and D, phosphorus and potassium, which makes it a real benefit to the skin.

Dehydration of your skin in hot days can be avoided primarily by diet thus carrot should be eaten every day. If you want to avoid premature aging of the skin, eat as many plants as carotenoids, such as carrots and melons.

Face mist as an instant solution for skin awakening

No matter what modern cosmetics offers, it is sometimes necessary to rely on natural products. There are many secrets in nature but also benefits your skin.

Face mist is another fantastic thing that you just have to have during the warm days. In addition to cooling and refreshing tired skin, it also nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Face mist sprays are multi-purpose products – you can use them after washing, as a tonic, after complete facial care for the final step or after a full day in the sun as a soothing spray. That’s why I brought this easy and super-refreshing DIY face mist.

DIY face sprays are great for experimenting with the ingredients you like (or have). As a base you can always use herbal tea that you like (green, mint or chamomile), essential oil whit your favorite scent and hydrating oils like jojoba, almond and vitamin E. Further, ingredients such as rose water, aloe, coconut water or cucumber are ideal for face mist.

For this D.I.Y. face mist you will need only

2 cups of boiled water,

2 green tea bags,

2-3 drops Vitamin E oil.

Soak the tea bags in the hot water for about an hour. Let it chill. Transfer the tea in the spray bottle and add vitamin E for better skin hydration.

Face mist with rose water

Rise water should be part of your skincare

Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. One of them is popular rice water. There are two ways to extract all rice nutrients in your water for your beauty and skincare routine.

The first one is with cooked rice. Brew rice in water in a ratio of 1: 3 (one part of rice, in three parts of water). Cook it for half an hour and rinse the water. This milk liquid is the rice water which you can place in the spray bottle and use it throughout the day.

Just spray it for 1 or two seconds on your face whenever you feel that your skin is dry or tired and you will immediately notice the improvement. Your skin will look more soft and delicate and your pores will be minimized. I was not sure why is rice water so popular before I tried, but I’m happy it works!

Another way to make the rice water is to soak half a cup of rice in two cups of water for half an hour. Then, drain the water and that’s it! You can use it immediately or store it for about 4 days in a jar at room temperature. Thanks to the effect of cooling, rice water can soothe the burns and irritated skin after sunbathing.

Rice water shrinks the pores. Cool it in the fridge and apply a couple of times in the day. Rice water also helps against first signs of aging and flecks. Increases elasticity and improves skin texture.

evian in skincare
Evian facial spray

Benefits of thermal water spray

For thousands of years, thermal water has been used to treat many skin problems. Thanks to its ability to clean skin and antioxidant properties, thermal water is especially suitable for people with atypical skin.

If you need instant skin awakening you must check out this product! Thermal water on the skin acts anti-inflammatory and perfectly soothing. The skin becomes softer and gentler, disappears irritation, and changes in the skin caused by rosacea or eczema are less visible, and over time, if you are persistent, they can completely disappear.

Thermal water is a type of mineral water that is located deep underground which contains healing properties and is exempt from bacteria and pollution.

I personally like Evian thermal water in spray because it’s very inexpensive. I use it daily whenever I need skin “awakening”. Let it be your finish in your skincare routine and you will notice that your skin seems fresher and alive. Let me know how do you fight against tired skin.

How to refresh tired face quickly? Learn how to easily restore the freshness and brightness to your skin with these efficient remedies!

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