Travel guide for a weekend trip to Milan

Travel guide for a weekend trip to Milan

Duomo di Milano or Milan Cathedral
Duomo di Milano

The Milan – fashion’s capital city in Italy. It is a vast, exciting city that everyone should visit at least once in their life. There is a little bit of everything for everyone – history, architecture, energy, food, wine and definitely – fashion! Many tourists love it and come on a weekend trip to Milan.

It is a perfect combination of modern and historical moments. You should not be surprised if you come from a perfectly modern decorated part to a typical Italian setting. That are narrow streets, a row of low and modest cafes, with architecture dating back to the Roman Empire. As you walk on Milan’s streets you will see so many beautifully dressed men and women and i think that is why called “fashion city”. Except by Milan Fashion Week, of course.

How to get to Milan?

Milan is a modern, European city, full of the energy of youth and touches of history. It is not even expensive to visit. Believe or not, i managed to find a ticket with Ryanair company for only 15 euros. They often have great offers for travellers from Europe, so you should visit their site After booking the ticket you might ask “what to do there or what are the best places to see”. Well, you are in the right place (or page) as this is your travel guide for a weekend trip to Milan.

What to see on your trip to Milan?

There are several attractions that you will be able to see in two days:

Duomo di Milano

Duomo or Milan Catedral is the most impressive building and destination number one for tourists. It took 500 years to be built and it is still under construction. It’s a gothic church covered with an endless number of vivid, marble statues on facade representing moments from history or sculptor’s imagination.

You can enjoy this building from inside, from the square outside of Duomo or from the rooftop where you can even buy a statue for yourself. If you donate a couple of thousand euros, of course. Ticket to enter Duomo costs 3 euros if you wish to see the only interior of the church, but if you wanna enjoy the skyline from the rooftop then you will pay 12 euros.

Milan is a true metropolis: strong and fearless but welcoming, too. Little by little, I came to realize that I could become someone here. โ€“ Giorgio Armani

Inside of Duomo, you will have a remarkable view of mosaics, colourful frescoes and even tombs of archbishops who are mummified in golden arks as they have had a significant impact in the cathedral’s history. Do not miss the Golden statue of Madoninna brought here in the 15th century. As per the legend, if you just look at the statue it will show up feelings of mercy or love. I didn’t feel anything, though! Square outside of Duomo is an epicentre of people’s gathering in more than five centuries and it is one of the must-see sites on your weekend trip to Milan.

Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II

On the right side of Duomo is Galeria Vittorio Emanuele The Second, most famous and first shopping mall in the world. It’s full of high-end stores such as Gucci, Versace, Dior… Marble floor, great cafes, beautiful design are the characteristics of the Galeria that are attracting a lot of tourists even if they do not intend to buy expensive goodies.

If you wish to have a bit of luck, find a mosaic of a bull in the Galeria and twist on its genitals. Legend says you will have a year full of happiness so it will not harm you to try. Just outside the mall, it is the Statue of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most amazing minds in world history.

Scala de Milanese

In a close distance of Duomo, it is located La Scala,ย a famous opera house and definitely, one of the best places to see in when you go a 48h trip to Milan. The Milan Scale or “La Scala” is located on the place of the former church of Santa Maria della Scala, after which it was named. It is located on the main square of Milan- Piazza della Scala. The season officially begins on December 7, on the day of St. Ambrosia, which is also the day of the city of Milan.

Cards for the first show of the season must be bought at least six months in advance. However, if you just want to look at the Milan Scale from inside, it’s enough to visit the museum in it. The museum is dedicated to famous people from music history such as Puccini and Paganini. If you are a music’s fan definitely you do not wanna miss this remarkable place on your trip to Milan.

The last supper

Another site on the list of best places you should visit in Milan is the church of Santa Maria della Grazie which holds the world masterpiece from the Renaissance- “The last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting was painted in the period from 1494. to 1498. and was once again restored in the 1990s. This masterpiece is intriguing by the fact that Judas sits on the same side of the table as Jesus Christ and the apostles, which is contrary to the traditional way of showing Jesus and Judah. Each of the apostles has the position of the body according to its character which Leonardo conceived as a result of his study of the anatomy of the human figure. The disadvantage of visiting this church is that you have at your disposal only 15 minutes, so use them in the best way.

The Sforza Castle

On the right side of Galeria Vitorio Emanuele along the street, you will reach another famous site – The Sforza Castle. It is built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan and it is one of the largest citadels in Europe. It was the house of Leonardo Da Vinci in some period of time. Castle was used as a military complex during four centuries of foreign occupation and subsequently used as the barracks of the Italian army.

At the end of the 19th century, the Castle was transformed to a headquarters of Milanโ€™s Civic Museums. Today, โ€œIl Castelloโ€ or Sforza Castle is a host to a number of interesting museums and libraries. With Sforza Castle connected to Parco Sempione, it is a favourite weekend destination for young and old alike.

Park Sempione

On the north-west side of the castle, you will reach a green oasis – Parco Sempione. This romantic green park is built in the 19th century and it is widely known by unharmed flora and fauna. It is a place that everyone needs to visit, full of green areas, small lakes with ducks climbing up on the trees.

Milan. What a beautiful place to die. โ€“ย John Carradine

There are romantic bridges and statues that magically bring you to a period of renaissance and baroque. On the opposite side of the park, it is a big monument that emphasises the beauty of this place. Well, strolling around a relaxing place in the middle of the busy city is quite something, right?


Next stop on your weekend trip to Milan is a Navigli district of Milan. This channels system had been built in order to connect Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Tizziano river and river Po. The channels were used as the main way of transportation until the 19th century. It was abandoned in the time when cars showed up. However, this romantic place remains the same and today is famous for its nightlife.

From both sides of the channels, you will find a lot of restaurants and bars that serveaperitivo or aperitif. It is a concept where you buy one drink with free access to an unlimited buffet. It includes traditional Italian food and snacks. How cool is that! Nowadays, the Navigli area is a very popular place for Milanese citizens. One of the best moments to go there is at sunset when you can find a very romantic atmosphere with the sun reflecting in the water of the canals. Great, right?

How to get to Milan from another city in Italy?

If you are visiting Milan as a part of a bigger tour in Italy then question “How to get to Milan from another city” will occur. Well, it depends on the place where you are travelling to Milan. If your starting point is your hotel nearby airport then its better to take a plane. Visit site and you might find a great deal of 5o euros for a ticket to Rome as in my case!

If you are travelling from a central part of any other city then choose a train. Milano Centrale is a central station connected with other cities. A great thing in Italy is that the train system is highly developed. Train system efficiency and services are equal to airlines. Trains are fast, clean and super comfortable. Example, from Rome to Milan by train you will reach in 3 hours, which is the same time you will spend on the check-in procedure at the airport if you choose to fly.

My advice is to check up sites and where you will find tickets for even 20 euros if you book in advance. For example, i found a ticket for 45 euros from Rome to Milan and service was incredible. If you wish to know how to move around Rome if you also have little time to spend there check out my post about the best Rome itinerary.

Last note: do not miss this city even if it not that as much popular as other cities in Italy. You will hear people are saying that is more industrialized in comparison with other places it is worth to visit. Just, please, bring enough warm clothes if you are travelling in fall or winter. I was freezing! Anyway, only one look from Milan cathedral and you will be clear why Milan it is called a “North Pearl” and for sure you would like to see it once again. Arrivederci!

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