Wine bottle crafts to decorate your house creatively


Wine bottle crafts to decorate your house creatively

You drink the last drop of wine from the bottle and are you on the way to throw it away? Hey, why don’t you recycle it and turn something decorative instead of throwing it? It’s time to start collecting the old liquor and wine bottles and reusing them. In this way, we will decorate our home and at the same time will influence the preservation of our planet. Also, isn’t it a great idea of returning to the child inside you and again being creative?

There are plenty of ways to repurpose old bottles and jars such as making bells, candle stand, beautiful vases. You can use them as a decorative object and assign a new function to them. Making a lamp by simply inserting a light bulb inside a vase is a nice idea too. In this post, I’ve come up with a DIY wine bottle vase for your inspiration. You may also be creative and do your artwork. Let’s jump onto it!

You will need:

2-3 empty wine bottles,

a thicker thread in your favorite colors,

craft glue,



ornamental stones or parts of old jewelry that have fallen or are no longer wearing…

reuse wine bottles

All of these items you will be able to find in Craft stores such as DollarPlus Store. Of course, you will also need a corner in the house in which you will be able to relax and throw on creative creativity!

D.I.Y vase from old wine bottles

1.The first step is the preparation of wine bottles. The bottle’s walls must be clean and dry to make the glue work. You can leave or remove the stickers. To make it easier for you to remove the glue from the glass surface, do the following: measure equal amounts of baking soda and oil and mix them.

Take a cotton cloth dipped in a mixture of baking soda and oil, and apply it to the sticky parts. Wait for ten minutes, and then rub the entire surface completely to remove the glue. Rinse the jar with detergent and water and let it dry completely.

2. Take the wine bottle and apply glue on the entire glass surface. Start to wrap the colored thread from the bottom to the top of the bottle. Be careful when wrapping, because the layers of the thread must be precisely next to each other to make everything look neat. If necessary, apply the glue gradually to avoid drying and sticking unpleasant dirt.

3. After you wrap the wine bottle all the way up, let it dry. Start the same “procedure” with another bottle in some other favorite color. This time I went from top to bottom and realized wrapping goes easier. Simply rotate the wine bottle by holding it at the top and move slightly the hand in which you hold the thread.

Be creative…

4. Let the bottles dry for half an hour and then jump into their decorations. You can use any material that you think it looks beautiful. I used the pieces of my old coconut bracelet and made figures. On this occasion, try to use a super glue that lasts longer. You can make a flower, a star, a heart, use a satin tape … let your imagination play. In the end, let everything dry and voila – you have an easily made item to decorate your favorite corner in the house!

wine bottle
D.I.Y. decorative vase from old bottles

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