Yves Rocher top favourite products

Yves Rocher top favourite products

I used to be someone who doesn’t believe in the “magic effects” of makeup or products that were promised in the TV advertisements. Why should i buy expensive items when relatively cheap products were doing a good job? Then I realized that it is better to invest in more expensive items that will last longer. Some of them are products from the brand Yves Rocher, which i loved as soon as i tried.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”
– Lalah Delia

They suit my sensitive skin and price is relatively affordable. I love their face creams, serums, shower gels, lip glosses, lipsticks, perfumes, shampoos and other products. In addition to the wonderful scents, many of them are of high quality. Three products from the green collection Yves Rocher have become an irreplaceable part of my daily hair& skincare routine. This time i have prepared a review of them so that you can decide to try them or not.

Yves Rocher Moisturizing Body Lotion

Let’s start first by Yves Rocher Moisturizing Lotion with aloe vera. This product comes in a green tube of 200 ml and 96% of its ingredients are from natural origin. It’s mineral oil-free, colorant and paraben-free which you can see from its light and fresh scent. I’ve learned that more the product has a strong smell more aggressive and artificial materials are put in it. What I love about this lotion is that easily gets absorbed into the skin without the feeling of heaviness on your skin. Yay! Other lotions, you need to wait to dry before you put on the clothes.

Yves Rocher Body Lotion in green tube of 200 ml
Yves Rocher Body Lotion

As it is made of 96% natural ingredients it feels like applying pure aloe on the skin with extra effects. The lotion makes the skin very soft and smooth and it satisfies the thirst the skin needs. I apply it every two days because it hydrates the skin perfectly. If you have irritated skin or maybe a problem with ingrowth hair after waxing or epilation I highly recommend to use this lotion. Calming and regenerating effects of aloe vera are well-known widely so give it a try. You will like it!

I absolutely love how well it clears dry skin during application. It’s good in winter or summer especially if you are not a fan of heavy lotions or you have medium dry skin. However, if you have extremely dry skin my suggestion is to choose another body lotion as it will not resolve dryness issues and you might not be happy with it.

Sebo Vegetal Purifying Cleansing Gel

My second favorite Yves Rocher product is Sebo Vegetal Purifying Cleansing Gel. This product is without silicons, parabens, mineral and perfect for oily or combined skin as it is mine. I used to like before cleansing gels with small granules in their texture. My thinking was that the only thing that can “polish” my skin and provide a mattifying result.

I believed that skin face can be clear if you use a scrub or other tools that have a sort of mechanical cleansing effect. However, all these small granules can damage the skin if you rub it excessively or use a scrub too often. It can have an opposite effect because the skin to protect itself from such treatment starts to produce more sebum, which is exactly what you do not want. Not good, right?

Sebo Vegetal cleansing face gel in small tube in 30 ml.
Sebo Vegetal Cleansing Face Gel

It’s possible to have oil-free skin without damaging it if you use using the right “things”. Sebo Vegetal Cleansing gel perfectly cleanses the skin of excess sebum and pores of impurities, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed. Gel texture really soots and calms the skin with no need to use an extra product.

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”
– Jean Shinoda Bolen

I bought this Purifying Cleansing Gel in the smaller tube to test it on my skin before purchasing the larger size. My skin loves it! I like how it doesn’t have a harsh chemical scent like many cleansers do. It has a very soft scent reminiscent of green apples. A small amount is all that’s needed as it has a very light, creamy lather rather than a thick foamy one. It’s very cooling on my face and my skin really feels silky-smooth and refreshed after using it. My impression of this cleansing gel – very good!

Yves Rocher Nutri-Repair Treatment shampoo

When it comes to my hair, things are kind of difficult. My hair is damaged due to coloring, it takes ages to grow one inch. If I do not take care of it properly becomes frizzy and very dry. I am very sensitive to my hair and most of my “beauty time” I spend on my hair trying not to overuse products that might make things worst. Thus, I always search for a new product that will nurture my hair, make it shinier and prevent split ends. To be honest, how good is one product you can see from the first usage of it. If your hair looks softer, shinier and less frizzy then you know it is a game-changer. One of those tools is Yves Rocher Nutri-Repair Treatment shampoo which is already described in my post “How to grow your hair faster”.

Nutri-Repair Yves Rocher shampoo for dry hair

Enriched with organically grown Jojoba kernel oil perfectly smoothes, nourishes and repairs the hair fiber. When I use it I do not need to wash my hair for 3-4 days even when I make hairstyles coz of work requirements. Thanks to this shampoo my damaged hair looks healthier and softer. The nutty scent is really fresh and sophisticated and remains in the hair many hours after washing. Yay!

It’s a good foaming shampoo that is easy to wash off. I am using it already for two months and I can say it is the best shampoo for dry hair or hair with split ends. I have been noticing that my dry hair ends are looking healthy thanks to the moisturizing effect of the Yves Rocher shampoo. While the shampoo is free from parabens and silicones, there are still chemicals in it. It contains SLS and I wished that the product was free of them too, but overall, the shampoo is good. I am also planning to buy the conditioner from the same range to add more benefits to my hair.

You do not need a lot to be pretty…

There are products that when you try, you know exactly how they are created for you. The current effect and duration of the product is the main factor in deciding whether i will continue to use the product or its just a wasting of the money. What do you think of it?

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